How many pouches do I need to consume during an event? There is no single answer to this question because of the many variables one has to consider. Factors like your weight, fitness level, event intensity & duration, food intake prior to the event etc. Our experience is that one pouch every hour or so is roughly sufficient for our needs as middle-aged, mid-field cyclists. We recommend you experiment with quantities during your training regime in order to arrive at your optimum intake.

Is SMASHA suitable for pre- and post-event consumption? Yes, SMASHA can be used pre-event as a meal, and/or post-event as a recovery meal. Having said this, we know that many of you already have a favourite pre-event meal; if it works for you, stick with it. Because SMASHA is so easily digested it should complement any sensible pre-event meal. All this said, we can tell you that on the odd occasion when we've overslept on race day, using SMASHA as our pre-event meal has saved us some vital minutes!

Does SMASHA contain any substances which could result in me getting an adverse finding if I'm drug tested?  No. SMASHA contains nothing but fruit, vegetables and a little pea protein. It's free of artificial flavourants, colourants or additives of any description. Simply put, SMASHA doesn't contain any ingredients prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Is SMASHA allergen free? Yes. And thus does not contain gluten.

Is SMASHA actually baby food? No. Although our factory produces more baby food than anything else, SMASHA is made using a different recipe and ingredient ratios. As such, it's NOT suitable for feeding to your baby.

I find it difficult to open the cap while running/cycling, what can I do? Our caps have a seal that can be difficult to open, especially if your hands are sweaty or slippery. What we suggest is that you break the seal before your event/training session. Simply twist the cap until you hear/feel the seal break, then retighten the cap slightly. You should find undoing the cap a lot easier after this. Please note, once the seal has been broken you should consider the product as being opened and treat accordingly.

Why don't you offer a flip-top cap so I can open a pouch one-handed? At the time of writing, there was no such cap available. We have been promised such a cap towards the end of 2018.

Will you sponsor me? Probably not! SMASHA is still a tiny brand and we sadly don't have the funds to sponsor anyone for the foreseeable future. But we are open to product sponsorships in special circumstances, please feel free to contact neilh@smasha.co.za in this regard.

It looks like some of the contents of a pouch have turned darker, is the product off? If the pouch is still within the expiry date, isn't 'puffed up', and the seal is still intact, it should be fine. You will occasionally see some discolouration near the nozzle, this is simple oxidation and won't affect taste or efficacy.

If I haven't finished a whole pouch can I put the lid back on and use it at another time? No, the bacteria present in your mouth will contaminate the product and cause it to go off. If you're left with open, unfinished product at the end of an event, please consider using it as a post-race supplement.

Is SMASHA a 'fresh' product? SMASHA is a shelf-stable or long-life product. However, we cook the ingredients in a way that retains much of their nutrients - very close to 'fresh' levels.

Where is SMASHA manufactured? Our factory is in Cape Town, South Africa. All our ingredients are also locally sourced.

How waterwise is your company? Ever since the water shortages were experienced in the Western Cape we've taken steps to reduce our water consumption. Currently, our savings are greater than what has been mandated, and we continue to look for ways to reduce our water usage even further.

Why can't I find SMASHA in my local shop? We decided to launch SMASHA online because our research indicated that this was where we'd find our customers. If you're reading this, it was right! But we are open to the idea of selling SMASHA in specialist retailers in time to come. Please feel free to contact Neil Harrison (neilh@smasha.co.za) if you're interested in stocking SMASHA in your store.

The stage race I'm doing is famous for its refreshment points, what's the point of taking SMASHA to such an event? You'll save time. If you don't need to stop and refuel at every refreshment point, you'll be quicker than those who do. Using SMASHA will also lessen the risk of picking up a tummy bug. Even if you do decide to stop at the refreshment stops, it's a good idea to have a pouch or two of SMASHA just in case you run out of energy between stops. We have to admit though, we're big fans of the treats found at the refreshment points!

Are you guys super athletes? One of our directors is a runner & cyclist who tends to finish towards the sharp end of the field. The rest of us are enthusiastic mid-fielders who all average between 4 and 10 hours of cycling and/or running per week. Between us, we can claim 4 Comrades Marathons, over 100 Cape Town Cycle Tours, 23 Two Ocean Ultra marathons, and numerous MTB stage races including the Epic and Joburg2C. But super athletes, no!

Are your packs recyclable? Sadly, the only part of our pack that is recyclable is the cap - please recycle this item. As our product is 'cooked' in the pouch, this rules out the few bio-degradable options that exist. Our pouches are widely used in the industry so there's a strong drive to find a recyclable solution - as soon as an affordable option is available, we'll switch over.