About Us

We're in the business of manufacturing premium baby food. And now you're thinking, okay but what does that have to do with SMASHA? Well, a few years ago we starting hearing rumours about athletes consuming our baby food during endurance events like the Cape Epic and ultra trail runs.


But with a number of enthusiastic runners and cyclists on our board of directors* there was more than a little curiosity about this. So we decided to devote a little time to understanding our new non-nappy-wearing customers.

The explanation was simple, and in hindsight, quite obvious.

Our baby food contains nothing but fruit and vegetables, carefully cooked in a way that makes it nutritionally dense. Which means that baby doesn't have to eat a lot, to get a lot of goodness. What's more, it's easy to consume and easy to digest. So it makes sense that our baby food would turn out to be a pretty good choice for replenishing your body's energy stores during strenuous exercise.

We started thinking about how to make it better, how to make it really work for someone who's pushing their body as hard as it will go. And that was when we** discovered that if you mix certain kinds of fruit and vegetables, in certain ratios (and add a little pea protein), you get a product that will give you a phased, or smoothed release of energy. 

This got us pretty excited. Just like you, we've sucked our fair share of corn syrups and chewed our way through piles of energy bars. And what we were familiar with was one big spike of energy. Which tends to lock you into a consumption pattern that often ends up disagreeing with your digestive system.

With SMASHA the energy release was much smoother. It was easier to eat on the run (or cycle), plus it was easily digested too. So we tested it on our friends. And then we tested it on our friends' friends. And finally on some athletes that we know. 

At first we didn't understand the feedback.

Many of those trialled said they couldn't feel it working. Not good right? But when we asked about their results and times, we discovered that they often tended to do better and/or feel better when using SMASHA.

You see, when they said they couldn't feel it working what they were actually saying was that they didn't experience the 'energy spike' they were anticipating. Because that's the thing about SMASHA, it doesn't spike, it fuels. As one of our directors is fond of saying, that's because it comes out of a food factory, not a chemical lab.

So that's our story. We're still in the business of manufacturing the best baby food on the planet. But SMASHA has turned into an interesting side gig. We're hoping to make it grow, via this website and perhaps some select retailers. We're hoping it'll become something big. If it does, it'll be thanks to you and your support.

Oh yes, why SMASHA? Well, because we smash fruit and vegetables together to make it. And because if you use it you might well 'smash a' PB or two! 

* Our board of directors is comprised of a small number of family and friends who invested in The Baby Food Company when it first began.

** The 'we' in that sentence refers to Rozi Andrew, our co-founder and technical director. Rozi is a qualified dietician.